About Us

About Us

Our Founder

Mr K.H.Jagadish, is a practising advocate of High Court of Karnataka since 40 years.

Mr K.H Jagadish have achieved professional excellence by conducting more than 6,000 cases in the High Court of Karnataka, Bangalore. Has 3 juniors assisting in the chambers.

The firm’s activities cover a wide spectrum of consultancy, litigation, soliciting and paralegal services. Comprised of a team of experienced, industrious and committed professionals who are ever adaptive to the changing trends and developments in the profession The firm has been in the path of growth ever since its inception.


We are renowned as the best divorce lawyers in Bangalore, offering nominal fees for our services. If you qualify for a mutual consent divorce, we can expedite the process, often providing relief within just 2 weeks. Our expertise extends to international clients seeking divorce solutions in India, whether through contestation or mutual consent.


Furthermore, our specialized teams are well-equipped to assist you with court marriages, marriage registrations, foreign marriages, and the drafting of marriage certificates. At Sridharan Associates, we understand the significance of legal matters related to marriage and divorce, and we are here to provide you with expert guidance and support throughout the entire process.


Thank you for considering Sridharan Associates as your legal partner. We look forward to assisting you in your legal journey, ensuring your peace of mind and a favorable outcome. Your satisfaction is our priority, and your legal needs are our expertise

Why Choose Us

When facing the challenging and emotionally charged process of divorce, having the right legal support is crucial. At Sridharan & Associates, we understand the complexities involved in divorce cases and are committed to providing compassionate and effective legal representation to our clients in Bangalore.

Qualified and Best Legal Help

Our team of seasoned divorce lawyers are committed to delivering compassionate and effective legal representation.

Realize your Legal Rights

Our experienced lawyers will help you understand your rights and responsibilities as per Indian law.

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